Going Green While Travelling

According to a friend at Door Repair Office in Nashville, planet earth is a not only a beautiful and pleasant place to explore, but it is also our home.

The earth has been going through a tough time with our carelessness, and unhealthy lifestyles.

The only way that you can help protect planet earth is by doing your part to make it better.

There are ways that you can play your role wherever you are.

Below are some pointers,

Bring your water bottle

Water is vital and has significant effects if you don’t take it.

For this reason, most people hydrate as much as possible. Although that is a good and commendable thing the plastic bottles that you buy end up causing more harm than good to the planet.

Technology enables you to get water purifiers that are small enough to fit in your backpacks. Alternatively, consider water bottles that you can use throughout your travel.

Book an eco-friendly hotel

Some hotels have been inspected and even certified as green hotels.

Some people use environmentally friendly building materials, they put solar panels, and even use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Walk, bike or take a bus

If you mind the planet, sometimes you could opt to give up riding in cars and walk. Vehicles emit gases that are poisonous on the ozone layer and hence if everybody decided to walk or ride a bike to their destination then the world would start becoming better little by little.

Jump on that public bus or train to get you to your next destination. It would be an excellent way for you to interact with other passengers, learn more and possibly even make a friend.

There is also an advantage in walking or riding to places thus keeping fit and you exploring more.

Be an energy sufficient person

Avoid taking long baths and instead take short showers, every drop of water counts somewhere.

If you are not using any lights switch them off, some people think that just because they are in a hotel and won’t have to deal with the electricity bill, then you shouldn’t care.

Open the windows more and use the air conditioning as minimally as possible.


You need to feed, so the main issue is what exactly are you eating? If you are in a new destination, try as much as possible to consume locally produced products.

Some hotels attract clients by offering endangered species as a meal. It might be an exciting thing for you as an individual but a loss to the environment.

It would be great to protect every place you go to so that your great-grandchildren might also have a chance to go and visit there one day.

Five Tips for Thriving and Managing your Diabetes

For a person living with a chronic illness like diabetes, each day comes with extra planning. Unlike other people, the average day for people with this condition requires a lot of forward thinking and other factors to consider.  it’s important that you manage your diabetic condition by coming up with small, tangible steps that will help you overcome burnout and distress thereby improving your everyday life. Here are tips to help you stay healthy and keep smiling.  

Take your Medication

First things first, taking your medication should be so obvious as it will help you live a long, happy, and healthy life. Of course, living with this condition can be overwhelming at times, but you don’t what to ignore your medication, whether in injections or pill form.

Dine out Right

Well, no one said you should eat a special ‘diabetes diet.’ There’s no such a thing. What you need is a healthy nutritious diet. Making healthy choices isn’t an option. If you’re visiting a friend during the holiday, you might want to request for some modifications to the menu. It’s not going to always be easy to stick to a healthy diet. However, it’s possible when you prepare and plan ahead of time.  Avoid junk food, cakes, fizzy drinks, cakes, and refined carbohydrates. These foods aren’t good for you.

Make Exercise Fun and Easy

The goal is to stay active. Slowly ease into an exercise routine that works for you. You could start with something as simple as walking and jogging. At least get thirty to sixty minutes of exercise most days of the week. Of course, you’ll have to plan ahead for this to work, especially if you have a busy schedule. Choosing activities you enjoy doing will motivate you to keep exercising. Whether it’s walking, gardening, bike riding, swimming or running, be sure to find time to be active each day.

Ask for Support and Consider Joining a Community

You need a team that can not only educate you and hold you accountable but also support you when it comes to clarifying your struggles and thoughts and improving your blood sugar management. Whether you think you’re well controlled or you’re still trying to get yourself together, it’s important you seek support from family, friends, or your doctor. You don’t have to be alone. Remember this is a chronic condition and it’s exhausting and relentless. Joining a community will help you cope up with all the struggles and daily irritations about the condition.

Check your Levels often

No matter how long you’ve had your condition and how much you know about it, you still need to keep going for regular checkups. That’s one way to keep your motivation up. You also have to check your blood sugar levels often. You want to be aware of where you are at the moment so you can know the best decisions to make when it comes to meals and activities. Work hand in hand with your clinic or doctor to monitor the condition and implement the necessary changes in your daily routine.

In conclusion, there are other small steps that can help you manage this condition including getting enough sleep, managing your stress, and adjusting your attitude to focus your energy on things you can control. The chronic condition doesn’t have to hold you back or limit you from traveling, eating well at home, going to school, working, and doing other things you enjoy. Just be sure to plan yourself well with the mentioned steps.